Make Homologation simple till end of life.

In the last 15 years and years to come, automotive and component manufacturing industry are facing great challenges from the growing enforcement of worldwide regulations. Almost every month there is a change or a new regulation somewhere in our globe. Also, the today’s environmental and cyber security issues are forcing countries for strict regulations.

The point is, that these changes in worldwide regulations and advances in vehicle technology with faster time-to-market is making homologation and type approval process more complex, costly and crucial for success! What does this mean for the manufacturers who wants to sell their products in a particular country?

With its approach and use of appropriate technology and software solutions, VETACA will solve your business challenges.
Be part of our innovation and let us transform your approaches together.

What makes us as VETACA?


the innovation of tomorrow today
and bringing it to customers.


in considering homologation
as part of PLM.

Fully focused

on the pains of the customers in
the field of homologation.

A new

start-up with well-experienced team both
in process and digitalization.


for generic and sustainable solutions 
and services.


latest technology in our
software solutions.

Benefit from our Software Solutions in the field of automotive.

The vehicle type approval and component approval processes need to become dynamic to respond to changes in the software management – the software solutions made by VETACA can bring efficiencies to these processes for OEMs around the world.

Global Regulation Matrix

Complete matrix of worldwide regulations along with their expiration and enforcement dates. The matrix will be based on countries and their regulations.

Global Data Matrix

Complete overview of needed data according to the worldwide regulations. This also includes the validity and future needed data. The matrix will be based on countries and their regulations.

Radio Frequency

Overview of worldwide regulations needed for the approval of the radio equipment (RED). Including the Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs), links to the authorities worldwide, duration and costs.

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